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You may download the app, rate it, leave your comments, etc. using App Page on Android Market

The app if for keeping daily expenses.
I am using it together with GnuCash. It should also satisfy needs of users of other personal accounting packages using QIF format (e.g. Quicken).

The major requirement was to minimize effort needed to record expenses and to do it in much simpler (faster) way than other apps available on Android Market.

Format of the dates used by application is configurable by using standard Java SDK convention.
Date format pattern:

Date format pattern samples:

See Java SDK documentation for more details.

Q.1 How can I enter multiple currencies ?

The best way is to use Tag field. You can define tags for each currency code you are using (e.g. EUR, USD, JPY, PLN).
Expense might be tagged by multiple tags so you can have as many categories of tags (e.g. currency codes, account types) as you need.
Moreover, if you use auto-completion feature of Expense Register (see application settings) the application will suggest you the currency code immediately after you enter its first letter.

Q.2 Are you going to add specific field for multiple currencies ?

Probably not.
I really like flexibility of tags and I do not see many advantages of using specific currency field.
The only reason I see to have it available is to improve QIF export/import operation - this might be done some day.

Q.3 More features are needed to make management of many entries easier !
E.g. filters, sorting, configurable views, special treatment for last month entries, etc.

Not really.
Please notice that the origin of Expense Register is to be just a handy notepad for expenses.
I assume that you will have another piece of software to store your expenses for long-term, manage them, filter, sort, etc.
I will always recommend GnuCash for this particular purpose.

I can imagine that it could be an issue for users who try to live with Android only. Those who treat their mobile/tablet as only "computer device" needed.
I am an old-school person who has a simple message for you guys - you are wrong :) And it may happen that Expense Register is not the best app for you.

Q.4 Are you going to add specific field for Tax code, VAT, ... ?

I still believe it can be efficiently handled by Tag.
Please check answers for Q.1 and Q.2.

Q.5 Widget does now work. What to do ?

Most probalbly you have your Expense Register installed on SD card.
It is Android limitation - SD card-installed apps cannot have widgets.
So it's your choice. Either you use widgets or you save your phone memory.

Q.6 How can I see my expenses ? It looks it is only possible to add new entries but I cannot even see them later !

I think you are starting the widget not the application itself.
Purpose of the widget is to simplify expense adding as much as possible. So after you enter details of the expense widget saves the data and closes it's window.
And this is by design! :)
What you should do is to add Application Shortcut (in contradiction to Widget Shortcut). It will open the main window of the application where you can see your expenses.

Q.7 Please fix the TXT export by email. I would like to see my expenses in nice table instead of plain text.

Same for me :)
It's Android's email client limitation.
It supports only a subset of HTML specification and tables are not included.
I do not want to resign from giving users a possibility to use build-in client so we all need to live with its limitations.

Q.8 Any plans to improve import QIF to GnuCash/Quicken process ? It's poor since it still requires a lot of interaction during import process.

Yes, definitely.
It's poor. No doubts :)
Hopefully I can improve it in the future. It will require application extension and increased complexity of the GUI. I will keep the changes optional for the users who preferes to keep app as simple as it is now.

Q.9 I am using Samsung Swype (or similar) keyboard. It has its own auto-completion technology which collides with your app.

So you have to either disable Expense Register's auto-completion or Swype's.
To disable Expense Register's build-in completion you should clean Common Words list(s) and unset Auto-update field(s) in application settings.

EDIT (2012.01.05): It looks that most recent versions of Samsung's Swype are more wise finally and they works fine with my app. If you have some troubles with auto-completion you may try to update OS first.

Q.10 How can I use math operators ? I entered a simple equation (5+5) but nothing happened.

Amount expression is evaluated during entry saving. You will see evaluated value immediately after you save the entry and editor window is closed.

Q.11 How can I use math operators ? Numerical on-screen keyboard does not give me a choice for most of operators (+ / * etc.)

It's slightly inconsistent how different version of Android OS renders numerical keypad.
Most probably you are using Android 4.0. It introduces a new nice 4x4 numerical keypad with no math operators available.
You may try to enter operators using a special hidden feature of Expense Register :) Just tap "Amount" label on Edit Entry screen and you will see a list of available operators to be inserted to your amount expression.

Q.12 I am using Quicken. Entries imported from Expense Register QIF file are registered for 1912 instead of 2012. Why?

Format of dates exported in QIF file is based on localization settings of your mobile. In case of US default format is "MM/dd/yy" which results with dates like "07/21/12". Quicken may interpret last two characters as 1912 year.
You may change default format of the dates exported by Expense Register using "Date Format" setting. For example you can set it to "MM/dd/yyyy" if you live in US and would like to ensure proper import to Quicken.

Q.13 You requested me to send Debug log but I am afraid it may contain some of my secret data!

My friend, you are loosing your faith in other people ;)
You may send the feedback form to yourself first (target email address may be changed directly in email client) and check the debug log. It does not contain any of your data.
If debug mode is enabed following parameters of your device will be included with feedback content: OS version, OS API level, Device name and model, Screen resolution, Hardware keyboard availability.
And that's all. Nothing else.

Q.14 Is there any cloud service available ? Would you add it in the future ?
I would like to backup expenses to some server. I would like to sync expenses betwen multiple devices. I would like to see expenses of my wife. Etc.

No, by design it's not available. And I am not going to add such feature.
There are number of arguments why not to do.
1st, I want to keep the app simple and free :) If I add cloud service it will not be simple anymore and there will be some costs related. I just don't want it to appear :)
2nd, I am a kind of paranoic. I strongly believe that my expenses are kind of private data. There is no reason why some unknown cloud should know them :)
3rd, that's a kind of differentiator of Expense Register not to provide such feature(s), right? There are so many similar cloud-enabled packages available that you will surely find another solution for you. So let them do their best and we will focus on simplicity and efficiency :)

Q.15 Will you be so kind and implement feature A, B or C ?

Sure thing ;)
I just need to believe it is useful and it does not collide with the general idea of the app.

Q.16 The app is a piece of shit and does not work at all!

If you are able to send me some details I will try to help and make it working.

Q.17 The app is a piece of shit and so is your face!

It is free. And no obligations to use :)
So help yourself and create something better :)

Q.18 How is the app licensed?

It's public domain.
Do-whatever-you-want, Use-however-you-like, Just-do-not-blame-me-in-case-of-any-failures License :)

Q.19 Is there some secret reason why you are giving the app for free ?

No limited
No fee
No singup needed

Nice, isn't it ?
It is my tribute to FLOSS world.
It does not spy you nor gather any information about you for any commercial purpose.

2.31 (2016/04/21)

2.30 (2014/10/28)

2.29 (2012/12/09)

2.28 (2012/10/12, bugfix 2012/10/14)

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